What We Do

We help businesses build intuitive, elegant and useful mobile solutions by focusing on what we believe matters most - efficiency, transparency & customer relationships.

Custom Mobile Development

We build custom mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Our team is experienced with native iOS and Android development in data-intensive mobile applications.

Cloud Integration

We can build cloud functionality into your mobile application that integrates with existing data & applications, provide online storage and backups, share data between users, provide social platform integration or even build an entire web interface for your application.
Working as a small team helps ensure we are always working efficiently and in unison and makes it easy to keep close relationships with our customers. We keep you engaged throughout the process ensuring a collaborative effort that helps keep development on track while creating a product that will resonate with your audience.
We use effective techniques to understand your mobile needs up-front and provide application UI and functionality mock-ups so that you will know what to expect before we ever start coding. We keep you informed every step of the way so that if your needs change we can adjust on the fly. Our unique skillset enables us to collaboratively create the best possible mobile software experience for your end users.
Not Just a Developer
We’re here to help wherever we can. We believe one shouldn’t spend their whole life behind a computer screen writing code, so if you have a need for something else that you think we can help with, please ask!
Danny Raetzsch

Danny is an accomplished software engineer with nearly a decade of professional engineering experience. His education includes a Master's degree from Georgia Tech. His pastimes include music, running, writing software and relaxing and spending time with his wife and son.

Alvin Raetzsch

Alvin is married and has 3 young children. He started his career as a chemical engineering consultant before moving to DC where his wife would attend grad school. He worked as a patent examiner there before moving back to Louisiana and becoming a high school math teacher. He enjoys all forms of competition, particularly ultimate frisbee, and spends most of his free time working closely with an amazing nonprofit (CANTERA) that empowers marginalized urban youth, rural communities & women in Nicaragua. He is currently the President of the Board for Friends of Cantera, a US nonprofit that supports CANTERA’s efforts. Read more about CANTERA.

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